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Fantasia Express was a 12-month research and development project awarded by InnovateUk to Meyouandus and in collaboration with LNER.

To demonstrate the application of location-based augmented reality within and outside a moving train carriage through the development of a world-class immersive experience for train passengers. It used innovative storytelling to connect passengers to the locations they traveled through in entertaining and engaging ways.

It culminated in a public trial for two weeks on the East coast mainline between London and Newcastle in February 2019. The results showed a great potential to enhance train travel and importantly create a more shared experience for families and groups.

Actually, that is a lie, the fantasia Express is an alien spaceship sent to earth to capture relics of our imagination. A cross between “Predator” and “The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

collaborators: Corporation Pop, Immersivestorylab, LNER

June 11, 2019

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