Cultural Olympics commission:

An Art gallery, performance event and legacy network project

By 2020 the world will officially be more Brazilian. But are you ready for a make-over? Oscillating between intense spectacle and intimate encounter, via virtual provocations and live interventions, The Humble Market brings the Brazilian North East to the UK’s North West in a playful process of real time engagement.

Through interactive stalls, tricks and tinkering, the Humble Market challenges notions of theatre and technology as performers and audiences push the borders of urban life, identity and social ‘under-standing”. What do we value most when faced with tryany of choice and the challenges of global consumerism? Enter the Humble Market to find out.

Artistic Concept, Developers and Lead Artists : Persis-Jade Maravala, Alastair Eilbeck, James Bailey and Zecora Ura Theatre Network and Jorge Lopez Ramos

International Co-Production : AND, FACT; We Play Expo, Gargarullo CPC

Commissioned by: AND, FACT and We Play

Funded by Arts Council and the Legacy Trust