installation, Tate Liverpool, July 2014

Inspired by the Mondrian exhibition at Tate Liverpool, we collaborated with the Tate Collective and Costumologists to create an evening take-over of Liverpool’s Tate Gallery, with live bands and interventions. Visitors were given the choice of four coloured tickets, each representing a feeling based on the writings of Mondrian. They then went on a journey, creating costumes with the Costumologists before having their picture taken in four photobooth stations and then being taken on tours that eventually led to our installation on the fourth floor. Here people scanned the bar-code on their ticket and where instantly presented with the image they had taken earlier and then all the images of the other visitors with their colour.

36 x 40-inch screens fed from 36 raspberry pi’s via 0.5 km of Cat5 cable to a master server. A custom webapp for capturing photographs on the first floor and automatically sending them over wifi to the fourth floor.

Audio, specially commissioned for the project by Kepla