Robyn is a badass borderline scouser who would nail this, very much deserves to take this opportunity with a bit of help…

TUNE!! Romy - Lifetime (Anz's Togetherness Remix) via @YouTube

Released on 5 October 1979 The Selecter - On My Radio (Top of the Pops 1979) via @YouTube

Robert Pirosh writer of the wizard of Oz and Hawaii Five-O .. Benedict Cumberbatch reads the best cover letter ever written via @YouTube

Mitski - Drunk Walk Home (Live From Brooklyn Steel) via @YouTube

Veronica Ryan's celebratory giant fruit are a lesson in how to do public sculpture well…

An afternoon in Paris, 1900. This video was shot by the Lumiere brothers (Colorized, 4k, 50fps). • via historical_media Retweeted by Meyouandus

This... with the added twist of making it part of the mainstream commodity art market, when many "digital" artists happily pursue a more social practice, glad to see some artists making money at least/last…

Cracks me up every time. Will Arnett Can't Keep A Straight Face When Talking CGI With Rich Fulcher via @YouTube

A simple change of one number in the code adds a lovely 'oil on projector' effect. Nick Knight x Hussein Chalayan for C-Magazine #showstudio @SHOWstudio @Chalayanstudio #fashion #code #art #threejs Retweeted by Meyouandus

Love the dry humour that @HSherriff manages to deliver so well, will be lovely to see on the big screen… Retweeted by Meyouandus

Sooo the standard practice is to ponder what would my old wise self say to my young idiot self. After watching a man talk about the battery life of his water pump in his van conversion, I think my young idiot self needs to have a word

Chris Burden: The Flying Steamroller originally 1996 and here in London 2006 via @YouTube

Released 43 years ago today 'Parallel Lines' the third studio album by #Blondie Retweeted by Meyouandus

test Twitter Media - RT @PunKandStuff: Released 43 years ago today 'Parallel Lines' the third studio album by #Blondie

"This channel is about Tim Hunkin's work. It includes his TV work, arcade machines, public clocks and his recent youtube 'Secret life of Components' videos."… Retweeted by Meyouandus