oh we doing abstract vegetation today? Retweeted by Meyouandus

Love metal, always been supportive to local artists and pushed boundaries twitter.com/MetalLiverpool…

misread this and thought radio 1 were inciting a hunger games type scenario Retweeted by Meyouandus

test Twitter Media - RT @samnichol_: misread this and thought radio 1 were inciting a hunger games type scenario https://t.co/ldFzoH39sS

Wow, successfully appealed a congestion charge, feeling the opposite of this right now 🙂 youtu.be/AL8chWFuM-s via @YouTube

I'm Danny Dyer, and I'm about to meet Britain's most lackadaisical falconers Retweeted by Meyouandus

He changed the world ❤️ Retweeted by Meyouandus

Word of the day is ‘pish-monger’ (17th century): one who frequently says ‘pish’ to others and treats them with contempt. Retweeted by Meyouandus

Every single word and some sugar on top! My word #ninasimone was a force of nature. Ask yourself what kind of artist you want to be? I know my answer ❤️ Retweeted by Meyouandus

As the culmination of our UK Canada immersive collaboration we are having a playtest of DATUM 9-12 of January Sign up here-> bit.ly/datum-jan Retweeted by Meyouandus

Still in shock. I just spoke with Bob a few days ago. We stayed on the phone as usual making each other laugh. RIP to friend, comedian & fellow Aristocrat Bob Saget. Retweeted by Meyouandus

Cosey Fanni Tutti - The British Masters Season 3 - Chapter 5 youtu.be/EkXJ6pl_g48 via @YouTube

Famoudou Konate - King Of Djembe "may god bless all percussionists" I think most of them 🙂 youtu.be/0PM6sSXHL3E via @YouTube

I really like this, sweet design twitter.com/heavenlyrecs/s…

back to writing, this very loud is helping a lot youtube.com/watch?v=lkoF8y…

Never thought vinyls and AR would go so well together. This is looking sick! twitter.com/SignaltoNoise1… Retweeted by Meyouandus