Dear friends, welcome to the future of immersive experience! 360 degree AI Data Sculpture is @CasaBatlloGaudi Barcelona! We have been researching with more than 100 million cultural documents of Antoni Gaudí with AI! Can’t wait to share this experience with you all! Retweeted by Meyouandus

Avatars in VR reflect our inner identities, as such sign me up for the cat in a shark suit costume (could be a tiger) either way..

test Twitter Media - Avatars in VR reflect our inner identities, as such sign me up for the cat in a shark suit costume (could be a tiger) either way..

This is wonderful, do Netflix just go around talking to the coolest people with a suitcase of cash and say just make something? “Pretend It’s a City” on Netflix Fran Lebowitz

Possibly the most baffling people: the ones who are still wearing masks now that we don't legally have to, but still wearing them underneath their noses. Retweeted by Meyouandus

long day in Leicester setting up the projection part of homewalk in the gallery @PhoenixLeic felt normal until we realised this is our and their first art exhibition since before Covid, poignant moment

Day 186: scanned the Parisian subway tunnel when changing lines, at the "Duroc" station. Captured with the #iPhone12Pro + @PolycamAI On @Sketchfab: (use the annotations to navigate easily). #1scanaday #LiDAR #SpatialComputing Retweeted by Meyouandus

just asked how my day was going and realised I am currently planning out a Chinese floating sheep delivery service FFS just be yourself they said!

I love this, zen and the art of youtube (reaches across to ebay)The Reality of Owning A Vintage Truck #landcruiser via @YouTube

just listened to @rorysutherland describe #NFT art as a pet rock, made my morning 🙂

Word of the day is 'flapdoodler' (19th century): a speaker of nonsense; a deliverer of twaddle and flimflam. Retweeted by Meyouandus

if you have 45 min and didn't get a chance to watch my @OFFFest presentation / enjoy my past 2 years of Visuals to Installations to ZeroSpace to NFT's /… Retweeted by Meyouandus

Less than a month before our next project (after lots of lockdown prototyping projects) it has been a while since we put some public art amongst the general public thanks to @PhoenixLeic and @thesparkarts

One of my all-time favourites 🙂 Chappelle's Show - Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories - Prince - Un... via @YouTube

June 29th: PJ Maravala & JL Ramos from @ZUmasters are doing an interactive online masterclass part of “Artists Into Immersive” at @NFTSFilmTV Experience our thinking and practices around creating playful experiences.… @GSofA @StoryFutures @CreativeScots Retweeted by Meyouandus

Shoppers, lend us your ears! 🌽 Buy One or Three in celebration of #CornOnTheCobDay! You won't find a tastier deal than that! Retweeted by Meyouandus