Swearing Is Actually a Sign of More Intelligence - Not Less - Say Scientists theconversation.com/think-swearing… via @ConversationUK

Yo who let their dad on tiktok???? Retweeted by Meyouandus

This is huge: WebKit developer (@Apple), publicly released intent for #WebXR support. This means Safari soon™ will support #VR and #AR making it production ready! webkit.org/status/#specif… Retweeted by Meyouandus

Ha! Hunter S Thompson's Nixon Obituary "He was a swine of a man and a jabbering dupe of a president. Nixon was so crooked that he needed servants to help him screw his pants on every morning." theatlantic.com/magazine/archi…

🛒 Voted #1 supermarket in the worlds. 🌽 Family owned and operated. 🥩 The best prices no matter the cost. ⛓ Tickets on sale now for Omega Mart at Area15, Las Vegas! omegamart.com Retweeted by Meyouandus

Miss my landing? Catch the highlights below. Send us your own highlights too. Share your pictures and video using #CountdownToMars. Retweeted by Meyouandus

Can the arts recover from ‘immersive’? Join @iamzuuk’s artistic director Persis Jadé Maravala as she mines her personal experiences to critique the corporate co-option and culturally appropriative dynamics that the term ‘#immersive’ has come to signify. bit.ly/FuturePlayer Retweeted by Meyouandus

Minted Goodboi_adventure as my very first artwork on @SuperRare earlier this morning! It's currently under an offer of 6.0Ξ from @fastackl. I love his collection but I'm curious! The offer will be accepted exactly 24 hours from now. superrare.co/artwork-v2/011… #nft #Genesis Retweeted by Meyouandus

In The Beginning (There Was Jack) - The Story of Chuck Roberts & The Cho... youtu.be/_3q5jDzPqcY via @YouTube

Buying Bitcoin and driving the price up 10% is the same as if @Tesla had put 800,000 gasoline-powered cars back on the road, forever. The math: Retweeted by Meyouandus

Murmurations tonight. Breathtaking. Retweeted by Meyouandus

“I’m here live, I’m not a cat,” says lawyer after Zoom filter mishap “I can see that,” responds judge Retweeted by Meyouandus

I recorded my life with camera glasses for an entire year and made a VR app that lets me explore my past in a beautiful memory palace. ✨ Each sphere is a 10 second memory. Touch it and it opens a memory portal you can use to peek across time! Retweeted by Meyouandus

'I can't run a bank, and I can't drive a truck, and I can't lead a movement— but I can fuck up your mind.' — James Baldwin Retweeted by Meyouandus

Fuck!! transparency for misfits, treat yourselves to a misfit perspective on TV land and England, it's not pretty or surprising - Michaela Coel | James MacTaggart Lecture | Edinburgh TV Festival 2018 youtu.be/odusP8gmqsg via @YouTube