Alastair Eilbeck : Director Meyouandus
Alastair bridges the gap between the creative industries and digital-media arts. He cofounded media arts organisation Meyouandus with James Bailey in 2011. Having been commissioned internationally, for both London 2012 and the World Cup in Brazil 2014, the pair’s most recent work has initiated a team of research, academic, arts and technology partners to create TILO – funded by the R&D Fund for the Arts. TILO looks at how interactive smart screens can transform and animate the public spaces in arts venues.

Alastair is also a part time creative consultant for Amaze, a leading, full service digital marketing, technology and commerce consultancy. At Amaze he has been responsible for leading complex UX and design projects for automotive and medical clients. He is currently leading Amaze research projects focusing on connected retail including work in-store with ASICS. Alastair has won many industry awards and most recently was recognised by BIMA as one of the top 100 influencers in UK digital for innovation (2015).

James Bailey: Technical Director Meyouandus
James is a rare combination of a highly skilled and talented technical developer with a creative approach to code. His technical solutions are always innovative, he combines his technical leadership at Meyouandus with a long and continuing track record of leading complex commercial projects developing mobile and in-store services for some of the UK’s largest high street brands.His creative approach has led him to master many different development methodologies and platforms including

• Unity 3d
• NodeJS – Online data services
• Scala – Digital Signage Platform
• C++ – Creating Rich Interactive Content
• HTML + Javascript – Mobile Web Apps
• Flash builder and Phone gap – native mobile applications
• Raspberry Pi/Beaglebone – Creating Remote Sensors and Actuators
• Social Network APIs – sharing content and streamlining sign in forms
• AWS S3 – uploading and sharing large media files
• Mobile Phone App APIs – more apps are sharing information (e.g. ‘Move’ for iOS and Android, pull information about users activity)
• SMS and Voice APIs – send and receive text messages (e.g. respond to queries or notify members) or provide an intelligent automated telephone system
• Connected Devices – use services like to share information between connected sensors and devices

Jorge Lopes Ramos: Director ZU-UK
Jorge creates playful theatrical structures that allow for a participatory, immersive and interactive perspective of the theatrical event. He focuses his professional practice and research on the unspoken contract between the audience and the actor, which is underpinned by his work on the Dramaturgy of Participation. His latest production HOTEL MEDEA, which runs from midnight to dawn in real time, has been touring to critical acclaim and has won a number of international awards, and is a development of Jorge’s investigation on the applications of critical play theory in immersive theatrical events.

Jorge was a member of the Cultural Leadership Programme’s initiative The Independents, run by Battersea Arts Centre in 2011, and is currently a Lecturer in Theatre Studies BA and Acting/Directing MA at UEL, where he is soon to complete his PhD on immersive theatre practice.

Jorge was awarded fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2011 for high standards in teaching and learning.

Recent Awards/Nominations

• Prix Ars Eletronica for Hybrid Art 2011
• The Herald Angel Award Winner 2011
• Total Theatre Award Nominee for Innovation 2011
• Time Out Critic’s Choice 2011
• The Times Critic’s Choice 2012

Persis-Jade Maravala:  Director ZU-UK
Former artistic director of Para Active and artistic associate of The British Grotowski project, Persis-Jade is an associate of Guillermo Gomez-Pena’s La Pocha Nostra and creator of the award winning Hotel Medeaovernight trilogy.

Originally from Yemen, with an Iranian and Indian heritage, her work revolves around issues of identity and the self. For the last 15 years she has been an independent artist working in performance and live art making work where her biographical paradigm intersects with larger social and cultural issues. She develops artistic projects that focus on using culturally diverse performance styles where the focus is on re-imagining the space for theatre.

Persis has a passionate belief in art as an ideal medium for articulating a time of permanent crisis that we find ourselves in, therefore travelling from myth to social reality where an intrinsic part of this artistic process is in encounters with those on the so-called margins, the hybrids and the outsiders.

Andy Olley:  Creative Director: The Valient East

Andrew has created identities and content for dozens of global media brands including Disney, ESPN, Global Canada, Virgin Media, Unilever, Red Bull, Asics and Glory World Series. He has won many industry awards including Promax gold, silver and bronze, IVCA – silver, Shark – Bronze